MeTAGeM: An Environment for the Development of High-level Model Transformations.

The environment for the model-driven development of transformations model (MeTAGeM), is made up of:
A methodology, which contains

  • A process for the model-driven development of transformations models.
  • Different meta-models which support the process defined, allowing us to modeling of model transformations at the different levels proposed in the process.
  • The specification of a set of transformation rules which will make it possible to obtain (semi-) automatically the models conforms to the different meta-models proposed at each level.

A tool which gives support to the methodology proposed, made up of:

  • An architecture which defines each of the components that the tool is composed of.
  • A set of editors that allows the modeling of model transformations in line with the meta-models described by the methodology.
  • A meta-transformer which permits us to realize the transformations between the models defined at the different levels of abstraction and the subsequent code-generation. The meta-transformer is made up of different sets of transformation rules.

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